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This project brings such great smiles when we work on it. We were given a simple note “build a better zombie site”, that kinda gaves us a lot of room for the continuous development of this site

As more information pass between us we soon found that there was going to be quite a bit more to this project that just a website and a few t-shirts.


eCommerce Site
We are currently looking at developing a number of different Shopify Store that are the main money funnel for the development for the sites different ideas.

Social Design
Full Social Media Package set up, management, and continuous expansion as new channels are made available.

Secure Social Communication
The request was a secure social communication network to be developed for members.

Product Development
We want to facilitate product development for members of the team.  So many people have hidden ideas that need to get out.

Specialty Products get developed to fill a certain need and if more people are involved, then the development cost start to decrease.

Physical Base Location (Retail Stores)
The ideas batted around was for the retail stores to act like forward observation post in areas that would b hard hit in any type of disaster or attact.  Think education and resources center and the cover would be somewhere to get your ZASTIA Gear and meet great people

Big favorite is the plans for Zombie Defense Locations that have covers as Resort campgrounds, gas station and out buildings.

I don’t remember exactly when I first saw the plans for the Container Zombie Fortress, I just knew when I waw that it would spark such vision that would be a continuous project.  Zombie Defense Container Fortress

Be sure to follow the development of theZASTIA all over the SocialVerse

 MobileProManager has been task to support the development of VeloCauseRider a project of  Thomas Cole and Thomas Travels with Charli please take a moment to Subscribe to their YouTube channel.

​Im thinking of all the positive that comes out of these situations that happen around and near me.  This is not a why me, I know why, people are in general sweet and beautiful but there is that equal percentage of people that are evil, you cant have one with out the other.  I wont confuse myself into thinking that all these hateful people will go away, but I will let yall in on a secret, I’ve seen more evil spewed from so called peace n love hippy folk and a whole bunch of other people jumping all over someones FB post, spewing hate back at the nut bar that says crazy stuff.  It’s just nasty, the filfth that comes out of people mouth.  I mean is it really surprising that there is some batty person on my list I friended last year and they all of sudden start talking crazy, that would be typical and completely normal.  A true #peacewarrior would Monitor, Investigate, UnFollow but never UnFriend, I’m trying to get to 5000 so I can complain that I cant have anymore friends because that’s the limit.  
I have had #thoughtshowers in regards to the incident at the otherwise unnamed stop off the Interstate but Ill give clues, it’s named after a famous kooky cartoon bear and some ranger. To many clues, but the verdict is in, I’m going to take an opposite approach to being mad and I’m going to go out of my way and help them, but in a total fun way.  Apparently they have problems with #tour cyclist or other, #dirty #adventurer people, so that what I’m going to give them. If they have  a problem with a dirty thirsty cyclist then maybe they have problems with other people, I’ll be keeping an eye on these guys, Im sure there is some dirt but I’m tearing up a Footlong right now courtesy of the cutest couple ever, just perfect 2 waters, 2 Dr. Peppers, and 2 Five Dollar Bills.  I noticed them because the car was a classic she was sitting right next to him, it was just a nice vision as I was cooking down I-25.

 I will be posting, providing content, developing videos and focusing on the development of the following website:
www.velomobilesolutions.com  –  Bicycles, Business, Community
www.greenproductorganics.com  –  Development of the Marijuana and Hemp future.
www.organicfarmandgarden.com  –  Working toward and organic future as the standard.
www.ecopioneerhomestead.com  –  In search of people that merge old and new on the future homestead.
www.velocauserider.org – Cause riding, charities, Non Profits, Small Business Support, Micro Business Development
www.mobilepromanager.com  –  On Line Businesses Services and Management



Zombies and Stuff, The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team for Information and Awareness


If you go any of these sites there is a lot of filler texts for layout purposes, the real juice is on the way.

Be sure find us, Charli and I on the Interwebs, Social and stuff. 


Beadguistics We Speak the Beads

Beadguistics is taking a look at the ecommerce possibilities having teachers posting tutorials similar to instructables for the beads world. Also to be utilized a a marketplace for the bead universe.


eCommerce MPM Network Sites

Mobilepromanager currently has a 6 sites in various stages of builds.  We have started thinking about the commerce for each site and what structure and productive would be feasible to offer.  After going down the rabbit hole when it comes to WooCommerce Plugins, sheeshkabobs, there’s a few articles that can be wrote on that subject.


Bicycle Based Delivery & Service

goget.my sample site



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On Line Design Resources

We were looking for a quick resource for a client and yes, we fell down the rabbit hole.  As always, a few google searches later and look look what we found.


Canva.com is just amazing, literally one of the best online resources we have found to create a entire variety of formatted graphics with zillions of elements, backgrounds, shapes, and texts.  The free version is just as powerful as the paid so don’t feel pressured to upgrade immediately.

The interface for creative is fairly straight forward.  Just a bunch of drag and drop, color change, and boom there is a righteous design.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Easy and more on the social side.

Perfectly formatted blog post imagery.

Template galore!

Creativity time a Million.

We just love finding resources that make life easy in the daily task driven world of web design.  We now choosing an ideal domain name can be quite difficult in modern times because so many names have already been registered.  Simply coming up with name combinations will usually draw a blank with all good top level domain (TLD) or generic domains already taken.  this is why we just have to get a bit more creative

This is why we have to get a bit more creative by using innovative domain search tools that have cropped up all over the net.  These sites can take a word or a collection of ideas and then run multiple searches for any available domains that could be registered which include the word or phrase needed. Totally saving a bunch of time along the way.

Here are a few tools that we use that offer various ways to search for available domain names for registration.





Lean Domain Search

Busta Name







Name Tumbler